LMS Sphere of Influence

The LMS inherited lines in all four countries of the United Kingdom, and in general these were in the centre and west of England and Scotland. However, there were routes in North and Mid-Wales and and Northern Ireland, and the LMS also had joint custody with the Southern Railway over the Somerset and Dorset line from Bath to Bournemouth. Perhaps most surprising, were the links to Tilbury and Southend, and to Yarmouth. Pre-grouping, these were owned by the Midland Railway, and since the grouping did not break up the assets of the formation companies, these became the property of the LMS, despite these lines being in London and North Eastern territory.

The diagrams on the subsequent pages are not to scale, and are not fully representative of the sphere of influence of the LMS; for the sake of clarity, a lot of the smaller lines and most of the stations have not been included. I have included the stations I consider to be most significant, plus a few that may be of relevance when using this site and other sites on the LMS webring
Sphere of Influence
LMS Line Diagram - England
LMS Line Diagram - Scotland
LMS Line Diagram - Wales
LMS Line Diagram - Ireland
Sphere of Influence
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