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"The Oxford Companion to British Railway History" edited by Jack Simmons  and Gordon Biddle, Oxford University Press
"Streamlined Steam :  Britain's 1930's Luxury Expresses" by A.J. Mullay
"Encyclopaedia of  British Railways" by Christopher Awdry
"The Trains We Loved" by David St  John Thomas and Patrick Whitehouse, David & Charles
"ABC British Locomotives 1944", Ian Allen Publishing, 2001 reprint.
"Fowler Locomotives : A Pictorial History" by Brian Haresnape, Book Law Publications  
"Stanier Locomotives : A Pictorial History" by Brian Haresnape, Ian  Allen Publishing
"Ivatt and Riddles Locomotives : A Pictorial History"  by Brian Haresnape, Book Law Publications
"Sir William Stanier : A New Biography" by J E Chacksfield, The Oakwood Press.
"LMS 150" by Patrick Whitehouse & David St John Thomas, David & Charles
"The  Observer's Book of Railway Locomotives of Britain", revised and edited by H.C.  Casserley, Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd, 1961 edition
"The Power of the  Royal Scots" by David Jenkinson, Oxford Publishing Co.
"The Power of the 8Fs" by Jeff Ryan, David McIntosh and George Moon, Oxford  Publishing Co.
"The Duchesses" by Andrew Roden, Aurum Press, first published in 2008
"A History of the LMS : Volumes 1-3" by O.S. Nock, Steam Past publications
"Duchess 75 : Mallard''s Greatest Rival" by Robin Jones, Classic Magazines.
"Sir Henry Fowler KBE : A Henrician's Engineering Journey", by John Kyte,  A Vale of Evesham Historical Society Publication.
"LMS Steam Revival" by Brian Sharpe, Mortons Media Group

Steam World issues 173 & 174, "A Castle in Cumbria" by Keith Farr, published by Emap Active Ltd, November & December 2001.

Internet Web Pages
I have referenced some internet pages, mainly to check the current status of preserved locomotives.  
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