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LMS Locomotive List By Class
Table 1 : List of Locomotives by Class as per the Ian Allen ABC of 1944
ClassNameYear BuiltCMEWheel ArrangementNumber Built 
3P 1930Fowler2-6-2T70 
3P 1935Stanier2-6-2T139 
2P 1914Fowler4-4-05 
2P 1910Johnson4-4-018 
2P 1912Fowler4-4-0143 
2P 1928Fowler4-4-0136 
3P 1912Johnson4-4-035 
4P 1924Fowler4-4-0230 
4P 1902Johnson4-4-045 
1P 1875Johnson0-4-4T12 
1P 1881Johnson0-4-4T77 
0F 1900Johnson0-4-0ST3 
0F 1907Deeley0-4-0T10 
1F 1878Johnson0-6-0T114 
2P 1900Whitelegg4-4-2T18 
3P 1923Whitelegg/Fowler4-4-2T51 
3F 1903Whitelegg0-6-2T14 
NA"Big Bertha"/Lickey Banker1919Fowler0-10-01 
4P 1927Fowler2-6-4T125 
4P 1935Stanier2-6-4T206 
4P 1934Stanier2-6-4T37 
5F"Crab"1926Hughes/Fowler2-6-0245 More Info
5F 1933Stanier2-6-040 
2F 1876Johnson0-6-082 
2F 1876Johnson0-6-057 
2F 1878Johnson0-6-025 
3F 1895Johnson0-6-011 
3F 1896Johnson0-6-010 
2F 1878Johnson0-6-0108 
3F 1885Johnson/Deeley0-6-0327 
3F 1906Johnson/Deeley0-6-060 
4F 1911Fowler0-6-0772 More Info
5P5F"Black Five"1934Stanier4-6-0495 
5XPPatriot1930Fowler4-6-052More Info
5XPClaughton1930Bowen- Cooke4-6-01 
6PRoyal Scot1927Fowler4-6-071 More Info
7PPrincess Royal1933Stanier4-6-212 More Info
7PPrincess Coronation/"Duchess"/"City"1937Stanier4-6-229More Info
2P 1932Stanier0-4-4T10 
1P  1877Webb2-4-0T1 
1P  1890Webb2-4-2T79 
2P  1890Aspinall2-4-2T1 
2P  1898Webb0-6-2T30 
0F  1932Stanier0-4-0ST5 
D ??0-6-01 
DE ??0-6-040 
2F  1928Fowler0-6-0T10 
NA Sentinal 1929?0-4-07 
3F  1899Johnson0-6-0T60 
3F "Jinty" 1924Fowler0-6-0T422More Info
2F  1882Webb0-6-2T112 
1F  1901Webb0-4-2ST2 
6F  1911Bowen-Cooke0-8-2ST16 
7F  1923Beames0-8-4T30 
NA  1927Fowler2-6-6-2T33 
8F  1935Stanier2-8-0372 More Info
6F G1 Class 1892Webb0-8-06 
7F G2A Class 1915Webb/Whale/ Bowen-Cooke0-8-0258 
7F G2 Class 1921Bowen-Cooke0-8-060 
7F  1929Fowler0-8-0175 
5P  1908Hughes4-6-010 
RM  1906?0-4-0T2 
2P  1889Aspinall2-4-2T154 
3P  1889Aspinall/Hughes2-4-2T37 
0F  1891Aspinall0-4-0ST23 
2F  1877Barton Wright0-6-0ST102 
1F  1897Aspinall0-6-0T5 
3F  1904Pettigrew0-6-2T1 
2F  1887Barton Wright0-6-029 
3F  1889Aspinall0-6-0290 
3F  1913Pettigrew0-6-06 
3F  1909Hughes0-6-046 
6F  1901Aspinall0-8-020 
7F  1912Hughes0-8-027 
7F  1914Fowler2-8-011 
2P  1898McIntosh4-4-010 
2P Loch 1898Jones4-4-23 
2P Ben 1898Drummond4-4-215 
3P  1900McIntosh4-4-01 
3P  1907McIntosh4-4-02 
3P  1910McIntosh4-4-021 
3P  1916Pickersgill4-4-048 
3P  1922McIntosh4-6-01 
4P  1925Pickersgill4-6-025 
3P  1900Drummond 4-6-07 
3P  1915Smith4-6-02 
4P  1919Cumming4-6-07 
0P  1885Drummond 0-4-2ST1 
0P  1905Drummond 0-4-4T3 
1P  1886Drummond 0-4-4T1 
2P  1885McIntosh0-4-4T32 
2P  1900McIntosh0-4-4T82 
2P  1925McIntosh0-4-4T10 
4P  1917Pickersgill4-6-2T12 
0F  1885Drummond 0-4-0ST14 
2F  1912McIntosh0-6-0T23 
3F  1896McIntosh0-6-0T147 
3F  1915Drummond 0-6-2T8 
2F  1883Drummond 0-6-0244 
3F  1899McIntosh0-6-096 
3F  1899McIntosh0-6-03 
3F  1918Pickersgill0-6-024 
3F  1919Pickersgill0-6-07 
3F  1900Drummond 0-6-011 
3F  1899McIntosh0-6-096 
3F  1899McIntosh0-6-03 
3F  1918Pickersgill0-6-024 
3F  1919Pickersgill0-6-07 
3F  1900Drummond 0-6-011 
4F  1915Drummond 2-6-04 
3F  1912McIntosh2-6-04 
3F  1912McIntosh4-6-02 
4F  1918Cumming4-6-018 
1P  1866Kirtley2-4-02 
1P  1876Johnson2-4-03 
2F  1868Kirtley0-6-011 
3P Precursor 1904Whale4-4-04 
4P Prince of Wales 1911Bowen-Cooke4-6-022 
CE  1858 Sharpe-Stewart0-4-2ST1 
2F  1891Webb0-6-0ST2 
2F  1879Park0-6-0T15 
2F  1882Webb0-6-0T48 
2F  1873Webb0-6-062 
2F  1887Webb0-6-0104 
DR  1933Leyland0-6-04 
RM  1905Whale 1 
DAS  1938? 1
Table 2 : List of Ivatt Locomotives by Class as of the end of 1947
ClassNameYear BuiltCMEWheel ArrangementNumber Built (as of 1947) 
2MT 1946Ivatt2-6-020 
2MT 1946Ivatt2-6-2T10 
4MT"Flying Pigs"1947Ivatt2-6-03More Info
DE 1947IvattCo-Co2
1) The standard method of steam locomotive classification is used in most  cases, with a number relating to the locomotive's power (0 being the least  powerful, 8 being the most) followed by the letter 'P' for passenger, 'F' for  freight or MT for "Mixed Traffic" (both freight and passengers). The exceptions are non-standard classifications provided by myself for  reference, and are as follows.
D : Diesel
DE : Diesel Electric
RM : Rail Motor
CE : Crane  Engine
DR : Diesel Railcar
DAS : Diesel Articulated 3-Car Set
XP :  Express passenger
The Fowler 0-10-0 banker is not given a classification, presumably as it was  a one-off engine built specifically for banking trains up the Lickey Incline in  Worcestershire.

2 - Names - the names list are not necessarily the official names of the  class.   Some designs ended up with nicknames, some of which have been used in  the above tables and are listed in quotes.  

3) I have classed 6202 a.ka "Turbomotive" a.k.a "Princess Anne" as a separate  class to the remainder of the "Princess Royal" class, mainly due to the nature  of its power plant, but partly due to the fact that one source refers to it  becoming the sole example of the "Princess Anne" class after its 1952 British  Rail rebuild.

4) Designers
Hughes, Fowler, Stanier, Ivatt : as detailed in "The CMEs"
Aspinall : J.A.F Aspinall (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway)
Barton  Wright : W Barton Wright (Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway)
Bowen Cooke :  C.J Bowen-Cooke (London & North Western Railway)
Deeley : R M Deeley  (Midland Railway)
D Drummond : Dugald Drummond (Caledonian Railway)
P  Drummond : Peter Drummond (Glasgow & South Western Railway, Highland  Railway)
Johnson : S W Johnson (Midland Railway)
Kirtley : M Kirtley  (Midland Railway)
McIntosh : J F McIntosh (Caledonian Railway)
Park : J C  Park (North London Railway)
Pettigrew : W F Pettigrew (Furness  Railway)
Pickersgill : W Pickersgill (Caledonian Railway)
Smith : F G  Smith (Highland Railway)
Webb : F.W. Webb (London & North Western  Railway)
Whitelegg : T Whitelegg/R.H Whitelegg (London Tilbury &  Southend)
Whale : G Whale (London & North Western Railway)

5) Wheel Arrangements
As per the standard Whyte Notation. Where a steam classification is used  (0-7,'F' or 'P') and no letter is added to a wheel arrangement, the locomotive  uses a tender.
T : Tank engine
ST : Staddle Tank

6) Numbers Built
The numbers in Table 1 represent the numbers built as of the publication of  the 1944 ABC (some classes continued to be constructed after 1944).   The  numbers in table 2 represent the numbers built at the end of 1947 (more were  built after Nationalisation).   Where more information is given on a class, the  totals in these sections indicate the final build totals of the class.   
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